To be acknowledge as a pro – active institute which strives hard to fulfil the aspiration of students, helps them in developing sound knowledge base, correct skills, attitudes and understanding, to enable them to sail confidently through complexities and challenges of life.

The Goals of our education –

  1. To enable our students to develop their full intellectual potential through a focussed academic experience that is simultaneously rich, extensive and collaborative.
  2. To offer the students ‘scope for critical thinking and discernment, leading to the development of value based convictions.
  3. To help the students develop a degree of self reliance and determination, to respond with courage and sensitivity to personal and social issues.
  4. To generate among students an awareness of women’s issues, human right and environmental issues, so that they understand and respond constructively to these.
  5. In the context of globalization, to foster in students a sense of national identity that is secular and multi-cultural with respect and tolerance of all cultures and religions for humanity at large.

The objective of the college has always been commitment to women, as such education is perceived to be the means of both personal and social transformation and provides upliftment that helps in the all round growth of students.